Saturday, January 3, 2009


New Year's Eve was rather uneventful since we were waking up around 3am to drive to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. We made it there in record time and hot footed it to the rose parade. It was pretty impressive to see the floats in person but after about four of them I was good to go and get to some good ole tailgating. We were parked in a lot right by the entrance. The USC fans were rather friendly and we quickly made friends with the college kids next to us. We had a few laughs with them, and realized that it was not too long ago that we were those kids. You know, the ones who were loaded still from the night before, and then wasted and puking by 10am. I mean who didn't do that in college. We all know the outcome of the game for Penn State, but it was just fun to be there and see the sights and people, oh and sit in about 80 degree weather all day. Happy New Year to all!!

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