Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random things boop boop be doop

So in case you live in a cave and don't know what facebook is, I will tell you. It is a social networking website, that I pretty much live for. I get to talk to all my friends, and we update what we are doing, so you really feel like you are still part of eachothers days. Recently there has been a forward going around in which you are supposed to share 25 random things about yourself and send it to your friends. I figured I would share mine, because they are ridiculous, yet all true, and I think I could keep going on and on but I did stop at 25. WARNING: They are almost all about either pee or poop, or both.

1. My first concert was Paula Abdul
2. I was OBSESSED with Debbie Gibson when I was younger. Each birthday and CHristmas my parents asked what I wanted and I would reply " I want to meet Debbie Gibson"
3. I met Debbie Gibson when I was 19, and yelled her name during the broadway show, then staulked her after. She needed a body guard because I was psycho, but I got a good pic with her. My dad sent me a picture of me dressed up as her and she autographed it.
4. I just saw the New Kids on The BLock BY MYSELF in San Diego and had a great time
5. My all time favorite CHristmas present was my LA Gear jacket in 2nd grade, I wear it any chance I can get (e.g. the new kids concert a few months ago, still fits)
6. When I smell parmesan cheese I think of my mother. I loved smelling her hands after she grated cheese.
7. I still pee my pants on a regular basis, sometimes from laughing too hard, sometimes because I can't get my pants off fast enough.
8. I once mooned thousands of people at once during our midnight madness, had a players name on my ass, and was told that next monday morning by my theology teacher (yes he was a priest) that he "saw a side of me that he never thought he would).
9. Speaking of inappropriate things in college. When my name was announced in college for my diploma, I walked up to the president of the school, also a priest, and grabbed his ass, and then squeezed it. My mother was sick and in a wheelchar, and BEGGED me not to do it. She was pissed for a long time, but i'm almost positive that she really thought it was funny.
10. I think its funny when my Nana makes inappropriate/sexual comments.
11. I call my dog "pooperhead" "stupidface" "sucka" "belleface"
12. I am not sure I will ever cook a meal again, Bri is way better at it and likes to do it.
13. I have awful anxiety attacks due to heights, but keep putting myself in those situations anyways.
14. I have fundraised almost $60,000 for The Leukemia Society in the past six years, and think its funny that when I google myself I come up under an "endurance athletes" website, who'dathunk?!
15. I have no shame in the fact that I still watch the Real World.
16. I like to cup my farts and smell them
17. My favorite topic to talk about is BM's
18. The silliest thing I did in high school was sneak onto stage with the show choir and butcher songs that I didn't know and have to jump off the podium and run away so I didn't get caught. 19. I was pretty drunk at my wedding, but it was in Mexico, so whatev!
20. I played basketball in middle school, I only scored 4 points
21. I have about 30 "best friends" and hope to keep making more
22. My favorite show is AMerica's Funniest Videos, nothing makes me laugh harder than a montage of old people falling
23. I win almost every single karaoke contest that I go to, and have even won one for an interpretive dance to total eclipse of the heart.
24. I have had a 20 minute conversation with Richard Simmons
25. I have peed in my back yard to help teach the dog about where we wanted her to go.

So I have my first bike ride with my team, we are doing 20 miles. My coach said we should do about 5% more than we have been. UMMMMMMMMM well that that would be about 2 miles. So we shall see how this goes. I realized I do not have proper biking clothing. So I went to a bike shop and picked up some bike shorts. Damn things feel like wearing a giant full diaper. While at the store I spotted this Betty Boop shirt. The one they had was WAY too small (picture a belly shirt) but I just found it online. Can't wait to sport this shirt in honor of a few ladies (you all know who i'm talking about). I think that with biking shirts, the more flamboyant the better!

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