Saturday, January 10, 2009

Coincidence? I think not

So this week was my first week back to work and it went off without a hitch. My ear is still nagging me, and is pretty painful at night so I decided to call the Dr that sent me to 4 wrong specialists and led to my eight week delay of a cast on my wrist, to see what was going on. I called in the morning and was told "all we have today is 2:45 and 12." So I booked the earlier one thinking the earlier the better. So I leave work and get there and the receptionist says " you are early, your appointment is 12:45" I tell her she is crazy, then she says "oh wait you are really early, your appointment is tomorrow." At this point I am furious and want to leap over the partition and strangle her. I very calmly said "listen I had to leave work early to get here, I was told 12 today, is there anyway someone can look in my ear, it will take one second." She told me to wait and then said "sorry you have to come back tomorrow" At this point I got up and said "I am not coming back tomorrow or EVER! You people suck and the only two experiences I have had here have been miserable. YOu can go ahead and cancel my appointment."

Sooooooooooo I was up shits creek without a paddle, and was told by my wonderful Boston Dr. to suck it up and call the other dr back because I just need someone to look in the ear. So that is what I did, I made the appt, AGAIN, and pretended like I was totally normal and sane. On the bright side, this pushed me to get a new dr, and I feel way better about her. The only thing is I can't see her until February.

Still not sure about the ear, I could not even tolerate the otoscope in my ear. Then the dr blew air into it and I nearly fell off the table in pain. In the same sentence he said "its totally fine" and then says "very inflamed" so I was a bit confused. THen he told me that I should put baby oil in it. This guy must be a frigin whackjob. My boston doc said this could take a while to fully heal so I should just give it some time.

I completed a 12 mile run today. Felt pretty good until a police officer blocked my path so that cruise ship people could get off, and this happened for a good 10 minutes. So I cramped up pretty bad, but other than that a great run on the bay in the sun.

I ran past many TNT runners and yelled a good ole "GO TEAM" as they ran by. I can't wait to start fundrasing and training again with the Leukemia Society, its just a totally different experience than trianing with real runners. I am still undecided on which event I will sign up for.
I am leaning towards the Rock n Roll Marathon here in San Diego. It would require no travel and no time off from work, so that means more days to get back east over the summer. I am also way ahead of the game in regards to running.
My other option is the Half Ironman in Sonoma. I have always wanted to do it and the weather here is probably the best I will ever live in. Great training conditions. Just have to see what kind of training schedule it is. The last TRI I did was all swimming training, and I felt totally unprepared for the biking and running. This race is in a river, and then bikes all through the vineyards. So basically I would probably make it to one winery after and be down for the count after two glasses......hmmn I fell like I just made my decision! Will fill you all in when I attend the meeting on Monday.

Oh and yes my wonderful husband flew to Vegas for the CES convention last night, and played in a poker tournament. Come to find out it is also the Porn Star awards show......hmmmmn and this is where the title of this post comes into play.

Did I mention that I got sunburnt today while running? Going to be 80 degrees here tomorrow so expect pics from the beach.

Oh and I also got news that I got tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show. I will be going February 5th, and it will either air that Friday or Monday. Tune in!!! I will do my best to dance like a total ass and make it on TV.

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