Sunday, January 25, 2009

Half diva

Hey everybody! I have to thank those of you who have already donated, I have already raised over $800 with plenty to go...(about $4700 more, but we'll get there!)

Today was the Carlsbad Half Marathon. Despite starting early at 7:30 am, it is a beautiful run, and the weather was perfect (cloudy and 60) for running. I started with my friend from work, who was running her first half ever. Of course I had to stop early on to pee, big shocker, so I ran way faster than normal to make up the 7 minutes it took in the line, to catch up with Melissa. I found her eventually and then powered on. The course is right along the ocean and is an out and back. A full marathon was being run at the same time so that was fun to try to pick out those who were running the full as opposed to the half. I was extremely inspired at one point when I spotted a man in a TNT shirt running with pretty severe cerebral palsy. This guy was fast, it took me a while to catch up with him, but I just had to do tell him how great I thought he was. He was not even verbal, but he was out there running. Absolutely amazing.

So I finished somewhere around 2:25, but I never stopped my timer for my porto potty run, so that means I am getting faster! yay! Good news since the next time I race, I will be doing 56 miles of biking before it!

Lots of TNT people out there. I can't wait to meet all my new teammates and coaches. I have my kick off on Tuesday night and start training next weekend! Not much time off but I feel like I am in good shape so who knows. Shall we start taking bets on my first injury?! NAH

Well I am off to do some more sitting on the couch and get ready to take Bri to the airport for his trip to Boston.

Puppy/Jody time! Gotta love it!

Found a great clothing line for female runners at the expo, check out their stuff. its my new fave t-shirt.

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Kim said...

jody - fantastic half-mary! :) you are gonna kick butt at vineman!