Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Not?

Okay so I just made it back from the Team in Training info session, I think that after 6 years I could probably run the info session but whatev. Its always fun to see the newbies and remember how I felt six years ago as I sat there. Its amazing that each time I well up and cry like I don't know whats coming. It is amazing to think that in only 6 years I will have completed 6 endurance events and raised over 60K. I have certainly come a long way since 2002 when I sat there thinking it were impossible for me to complete a maratho, but now I have possibly LOST MY MARBLES!!!

Yes people, I did it. I signed up for the Vineman Half IRONMAN. I guess they call it IRONMAN 70.3 because thats how many combined miles you do that day. Anyways I went to the info session thinking I was probably going to do another marathon. But I went with an open mind and wanted to speak to the triathlon coach before I made my decision.

Here were the pros of the triathlon:

Unbelieveable training conditions

A beautiful bike that I bought two years ago and need to get my moneys worth

Not many open water swims (less likely to get eaten by a great white...husband and father are nervous about that)

Nothing better than peeing in a wet suit

A great way to see all of San Diego county

No two a days! (I thought I was going to have to wake up and work out and then work out at the end of the day, and I have to be to work at 730 so that just seemed impossible)

Taking part in an event that it is okay to pee yourself while riding a bike

The coach promised he would ride the bike with me so that I don't get lost during 50 mile bike rides.


If I get low on sugar during the race, I can just jump into a vineyard and steal some grapes

Saying that I am an Iron Woman (well half of one anyways)

I am so looking forward to being part of the TEAM once again. I have truly missed it this year and miss that camaraderie.

So look forward to my many emails and letters begging for money because I have to earn my highest amount yet!

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Kim said...

woohooo for HIMs!!!!! i wish i was doing that one, the benefits sound awesome (wine country!)