Monday, July 21, 2008

beetle bug

So this looks like it is going to be my new baby! After looking around and realizing that I am just not a beamer/audi kind of girl, so I narrowed my search to bugs. I found this one and am going to take it home if I like it on Wednesday.
We are just preparing the house for the arrival of all our belongings tomorrow at 8am! Can't wait! Is it bad that I am looking forward to many hours of reality tv that I have missed?! Anyways, not too much new. We ventured down to the olympic pool that is across the street but it was closed. Fortuntately it was not closed due to a child making doody in the pool, but for swim lessons. So we are returning in a bit to get our swim on.
I have to send a big congrats to my team in training friend Kim, who just completed Ironman Lake Placid. Cannot even fathom, but it sure makes me want to sign up for another endurance event. I am thinking about taking it back to where it all started and running the rock and roll marathon in none other than San Diego! Will keep you posted on that one though, cause its not til June.

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