Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DMV madness

So lets put it this way, when I told the guy who I am buying the car from that I was going to the DMV he said "hmmn well, Posh spice made it through alive." Great. So I attempted yesterday but needed marraige license, blah blah blah so I figured I would go first thing in the morning. Since they open at 8 am I went at about 7:30. Turns out they don't open til 9 on Wednesdays, however there was already a line of about 20 people so I figured I would sit it out. K so I make it in, takes about an hour, and THEN they tell me I have to take a written test. This test was hard, real hard, especially when you have not read the handbook. So I knew I could only miss 6 questions out of 30 or so. I circled all my unsure answers, and there were 15. Great. Turned in my test and crossed my fingers. I sat and read the book while waiting and found a few wrong answers and then heard my name called. I luckily passed with only 4 questions wrong, hayoooooooo take that vickie becks!

So that is about it, I am still living amongst many boxes. Luckily I finally have a television to catch up on all of my reality shows! It is just unfortunate though because our tv is about 30 ft from bri's "office" so the tv has to be veeeeery quiet. Oh well!

I am going to try to take a swim today at the pool and get everything ready to pick up my car. Will post pictures as soon as I find my camera!

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