Friday, July 18, 2008

3 words, Eye, Key, ARGHHHH

Since we sold off most of our furniture before leaving we made our first ever trip to IKEA. Holy crap people, nobody warned me enough for the madness. We found all the furniture we wanted and were exhausted. Little did we know we then had to find it all, haul it onto a carraige and then pay for it. YIKES! Anyhoo we managed and most of it is being delivered today to the house. I attempted to put together the nightstand yesterday but realized we had no tools yet so I gave up. Brian wants to hire some shmuck to do it all, I would rather be stuck in the house with no electricity, water or gas and put together 10 pieces of furniture and see how many times Brian swears, either out loud or under his breath. Since I am going to come back in my next life as a carpenter of some sort, I am ready for the challenge.

We are heading out to dinner with my friends Susie and Kim tonight. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. I hope they realize they are actually coming to our house to put together furniture.

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