Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're here

Alleluiah!!!3,440 miles later and we are here. Since we did not know we had to have our electricity, water, and gas turned on we are yet again staying at a hotel because the bastards could not come out to do it until Friday. HOWEVER, everything happens for a reason right? Maybe you recall my previous post in which I noted my true intentions with San Diego, and finding that special someone in my life who happens to be a gay man and will love me and dress me (wait Bri already does that), okay he will talk trash to me, and take me to fun clubs called the RamRod. Well, we just so happen to be staying at the gay and lesbian epicenter right now. In fact, it is Pride week here. I can barely contain myself. I have found all the hot spots and our house is actually on the parade route. So instead of food shopping for things that will go rotten in our nonworking refrigerator, I am going to get out there and find some rainbow colored garb and maybe a headress for the parade. We're here and we're queer people, bring it on!!!

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