Monday, July 14, 2008

Texas 100, every other state 0

Okay so we thought our trip through Texas would be drab, but it has proven us wrong. We are thinking of just staying here and forgetting about San Diego. It all started with a random lunch stop today, and there we saw "crazy Bob's" claiming to have great smoked meats. So in we went and it was some of the best bbq we have had. Of course we had to pick his brain a little bit, and I think I was able to understand about a half of it. He laughed at our green egg smoker. We smelt like barbacue for the rest of our ride. Once we got to Weatherford we asked the woman at the front desk where to go for some good authentic bbq. She suggested the "mesquite pit" so off we went with our garmin. This place was fantastic and we were only able to eat about a fourth of our meals (mainly because we polished off a heaping plate of fried pickles, onions, and jalapenos). There was live texas music going on and I saw my very first authentic cowboy hat. I had to take dessert to go, but i'm sure that is good too. We are off to New Mexico tomorrow which I can't wait to see. Luckily there were no tornadoes today, but I think I saw a spout or two up in the sky.

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