Tuesday, September 28, 2010

domestic diva

First things first this is my new store front for the studio. We will be the one on the left. There has been lots accomplished this week but still lots to do of course!

I have been getting back into a regular workout schedule. I also posted job openings to craigslist to find some instructors so I am checking out some of their classes in the next few weeks. If you know anyone who might be a good match to teach here then pass them on to me.

Apparently my stomach is back to 'normal' and normal as in being sick all morning but hopefully that is a flukey kinda thing.

Even more exciting is that I finally found a good yoga studio! After some recommendations I ended up at Prana Power Yoga. They have a bunch of locations and it is clean, just the right temperature and very similar to the corepower yoga that I loved in San Diego. Like with any working out I always feel like a different person after doing it, yoga especially. Rumor has it a yoga place will be opening in Lexington Center as well which I am very excited about.

So yes money is tight right now and I am lucky to have an understanding husband. Fact of the matter is there is no way I could have a job right now with trying to get the studio going. I am seeing clients 4 times a week which is nice to put my speech hat on but even that is tough right now. Its nice not having to be out of the house by like 645 to get to work though. So instead I get up hang with the pup and make my husband some coffee. Oh AND I have cooked dinner a few times and kept the house really clean. Best of all the puppy is MINE again! We spend the first year of her life together then she spent all her time with Bri since he worked from home. NOW its all puppy Jodes time and its WONDERFUL! Except for the 3 days that she had runny poop, that kinda sucked. Maybe I got it from the dog????

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