Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where to begin?

I honestly have no clue how to start this post. I will break the last three weeks down for ya.

Cross country trip:
Utah: gorgeous, saw so many rainbows and awesome scenery.
Utah to Colorado: I cried, a few times, it was so damn pretty. I want to back to the breckenridge area in the winter, I cannot even imagine it. Ate really good steak at a random "restaurant" that was really a house in the middle of nowhere with a giant tree growing through it.
Colorado to Nebraska: BOOOORING! Oh and we took a wrong turn so we ended up in Kansas for a while instead of Nebraska
Omaha: We arrived to our hotel along with about 100 police cars, apparently someone tried to steal something from a nearby mall, ran down the cop, and the cop shot them. We ate yummy steak yet again.
Next stop Chicago! I have to go back there, what a cool city. The hotel we stayed at was super pet friendly and was pretty ridiculous with dogs everywhere and happy hours that were free. LOVED IT! It was interesting watching Belle try to find a place to do her business in the city. Highlight was her peeing next to a homeless man and me yelling for him to move....was probably unnecessary since it already smelt of urine, but really its his home too!
Chicago toooooooooooooo Boston...Really? thats a long time, but we did it. At this point we were DONE with the driving. I got slightly batty at one point and pouted big time but it was the right call to just get home.

Since the arrival we have been at my dad and apples house until today. Weddings, sleepovers with little ones and TONS of unpacking. I have also managed to get many steps closer to being a small business owner. But I have come to realize that ALOT of things have to happen in order for this to happen. Thank god I am unemployed right now because this has been more than a full time job. Patience my little grasshoppers.

Belle is settling in and has fallen back in love with grass since she hated it in SD. We are at our new place which is across the street from our old condo. THis came in handy these past few days and we owe SO many favors. I have to say its really nice to be welcomed back to our old neighborhood and see so many familiar faces. We did not get to know hardly any neighbors in SD, which was sad for me :(

That is it for now. I am hoping to get my bike put back together because my body is falling apart. PLUS there is a ride this weekend with the boston tri team called "concord to cakes". YUP a ride specifically to go eat cake.. I LOVE IT! Only thing missing is LG!!

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Kim said...

hahahaa i got that concord to cakes email and i was laughing! hope you enjoy! (i will be racing in the duxbury tri on saturday and then im retiring immediately after). welcome back!