Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank you SD

Dearest San Diego,

I never thought we would be so close. I think I had a hand in sending at least 10 people your way and I knew I would have my turn someday and boy am I glad I did! A few things I will take with me about your lovely city.

-Your jacarandas are quite possibly the prettiest trees I have ever seen.
-The smell of the eucalyptis trees that I would always say a "yoooooooouk" in honor of the red sox each time I smelt you.
-Your countless dog parks and dog beaches and many restaurants that allowed Belle to sit with us.
-Your endless sunshine, I mean really that was too much.
-Your coastline, especially the 101 where whether I was biking, running or driving took my breath away each time.
-Your vineyards
-Your canyons and trails, gave me such a break from the roads(until I got too scared of rapists and killer bees)
-Your wonderful people who I got to swim bike run with, work with, and play with!
-Your crazy chargers fans who liked to yell at me many times for wearing anything patriots related.
-Your sunrises and sunsets
-Your many outdoor pools that were always nice and warm
-Your fish tacos, sushi and many breakfast nooks, and Croce's which was like a second home at many times.
-Your silly porn shops and smoke shops on just about every corner, kind of like a dunkin donuts
-Your palm trees, lily's, and hibiscus flowers
-Your crazy helicopters letting us know what killers were on the loose
-Your driving rules because it made everything so much smoother
-People who do not incessantly honk their horns
-Not letting me get eaten by any sharks or swept out to sea because there were a few questionable moments.
-your avacados
-and last but not least your CUPCAKES!

The list could go on dearest San Diego. Thanks for the good times and the memories. I hope we will be back, what a great place it would be to retire. Until them please take care of my wonderful friends I made along the way and I can't wait to see you again soon! I am so sad to leave you but I know there will be another time we will be together.

Love The Merrill's

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