Thursday, August 5, 2010


Really life is kind of whatevs right now. I am pretty much in limbo here in between here and there. My last test on Monday was pretty uneventful. The only fun this was checking into the hospital for the test. I was behind two guys in full out shackles and about 20 corrections officers with them. It was something else. The test was BOOOOOOOORING! At least with the colonoscopy I got to get loopy, this one not so much. I had to drink a sugary drink (oh and fast yet again) and literally sit, couldn't lay down, couldn't move around, just sit for close to 5 hours. Then a nurse would come in and I had to breathe into a tube every 15 minutes. At one point I was getting sooooo loopy it was close to 2 I hadn't eaten since the day before and was bored off my ass. I decided that trying not to sing was way harder than just singing so that is what I did. I was in the prep room for peoples procedures so they were all getting drugged up anyways. That left me amused for at least a half hour or so. I won't know if I have some sort of bacteria issue for another week. They have tested for everything so only time can tell. Most likely they will label me with "IBS" which is like when you go to the dr and they say you have a "virus." At this point I am over it and have come to terms with the fact that I am going to deal with crazy movements of the bowel nature for a long time and the only time it will be acceptable is when I am in a nursing home some day. ( I am well suited for a home, it will be just like college again....sleeping in a room with 3 other people, bad food, people pissing in weird places...its gonna be great.)

Anyways there is not a whole lot of "training" going on. Just doing the random run, biking and some pilates thrown in there. I did sign up for a half marathon in Boston in October to technically I am starting to run again. This is a good thing, because I start to go a little cookoo when not breaking a good sweat every day. I am not sure my body knows how to slow down. Exercise gives me way more than just the physical benefit. I mentally need it so bring it on!

We are just trying to get organized in life here. Come to find out its kind of a pain to move across country, all the while trying to start up your own business. I always did like a challenge. Looking forward to spending the next month here with all the people who have been our family the past two years. One more week of work (yes thats right there are already commercials for back to school and we have yet to start our summer vacation). Its not going to be easy to say goodbye to my coworkers and kiddos at school but i'm sure i'll be seeing them in the future..hopefully...

Ok enough of my booooring post. I will write more when something funny or athletic happens, but there is really a fat chance of that.

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