Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bruising arms everywhere

I have been lucky enough to be able to ride with my top down nearly every day since moving back to Boston. While there are LOTS of difference between San Diego and Boston one MAJOR difference is that people are crazy about the "punchbuggy" punch! I never really noticed people doing it on the west coast. Here if I so happen to drive by a school when its being let out it is like mayhem. I wondered today "why are these kids all fighting and hitting eachother" then I turned my music down and realized! How fun! I want to purposely let a headlight go out so I can be a pididdle punchbuggy!

I attended a class today to check out someone for the pilates studio. I am psyched by all the interest in people who want to instruct. I REALLY need to get some muscle back though so its good timing to be "interviewing" people at the gym. I do need some hot guys though, afterall I am on the market for a gay husband or two....i'm just sayin....

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kristen said...


That's so awesome you opened a studio. Is that what you did in SD? I just randomly caught up on your blog with some speed reading so I'm kinda out of the loop, but I saw pictures and it looks like a great spot. I would totally want to go if I were in the area and wanted to do pilates. Good luck girl.