Thursday, September 10, 2009


Isn't she sweet? This is Les the scottish triathlete that whooped my ass every Tuesday night during my season. (it is blurry because my hands were likely shaking after the workout from fatigue) She trains lots of triathletes and has a "braveheart brick" every Thursday night in Mission Bay. After a truly LOOOOOOOOOOONG day (and don't you people complain about sitting at your desk, when some of us get full out malled at work, and then fight with lots of begrudged school bus drivers cause THATS fun to do) of work I decided that I needed a good workout to get rid of the nasty feeling I had all day. It did not help that I was fragile due to two nights in a row of animal activity that caused both Belle and I to be up growling (belle not me) from 3am on.
Anyways I made it to the workout and there was quite a turnout and a variety of people. I certainly missed Lesley's rants "GOGOOGOGOGO JODY come on, come on come on, use those long legs girl, come ON" its really amazing in her accent.
I would like to ask fellow athletes a favor though. Please don't say "i'm sooooooooo slow" about yourself. Especially when you are running past me over and over again. You can only say you are slow if you truly are slow. I don't care, noone cares. If I cared about being slow I would certainly never do anything. Instead of feeling inadaquete next to the seasoned triathletes all around I just worried about myself and my personal improvement. We started with about a 10 minute spin, then did a 10 minute run. Then we did some windsprints. We got on our bikes and did 5 minutes of 30seconds hard, 30 seconds easy. THEN we started our workout.(yeah)
our set:
6 minutes on the bike (30 seconds standing above threshold, 85 rpms, 30 seconds sitting at threshold, 95rpms) and we did that six times.
Then off our bikes as gracefully as I could manage and off running. Well it was pretty much sprinting for me. I was actually running at a 8:30 pace for some of it which is super fast/sprinting/puking in my mouth fast. We did about a half mile up two small hills. Then we repeated two more times for a total of 3 times on the bike and 3 runs. We were timed and I did the first whole set in 10:31, second set 9:56, third set 9:51. Not bad for being totally fatigued and not in the best shape. Below is the amazing view I had while doing this. Not bad huh?!

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