Monday, September 7, 2009

not in my house

awwwwwwww Belle misses her papa already!!

I am happy to report that my soccer team Petos Locos pulled away with our first W of the season! We had an 8am game which meant yes we would be up early but at least it wouldn't be super hot! Of course the girls had no subs again but I didn't really even feel like I needed one because the weather was so great. This W could also be attributed to the fact that it was the only white boy/girl team that we played. At one point some guy was trying to come down into MY area and I decided to yell in his face "not in my house buddy!" and stole the ball, at this point the game was close, but soon enough we would pull away and won 12-5! Sweet victory!

I rounded out the summer with getting a pedicure and picked possibly the ugliest color they had...canary yellow! Why not?!

We met up with some friends last night at Coronado and had a bonfire on the beach. I can't believe we have been here a year and just finally spent an evening at the beach like that. It was pretty awesome, and I think I took down about 4 s'mores. Good times

When we were driving to the beach we noticed that there were TONS of people down the park at the end of our street. Lots of people cookout there and have get togethers. Last Labor Day weekend was when Belle and I almost got taken out by a drunk driver who smacked into a whole bunch of cars, drove on sidewalks, and plowed through the park pretty much with his car all banged up. This year we drove home from the beach and could not get down our street because there were about 30 police cars, news trucks and that awful yellow tape. Of course I took to the web and found out there was a shooting there and that they are looking "for someone suspicious" and that a man got shot in the head. NICE!

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