Sunday, September 20, 2009

bumps in all the wrong places

Since my foot has been aching pretty consistently since lets sayyyyy January I decided to take this Saturday off from my prescribed 7 mile run and return back to yoga. Since I have been doing yoga level 1 for a few months now I figured it was a good time to step it up to yoga 2. Luckily there were no smelly men there because yoga 2 is way more popular so you were pretty much packed in like sardines. I actually for a moment knew what it felt like for some of my students at school who have a hard time being super close to people.
Things I realized:
Yoga 2 was way hotter than yoga 1
I had the prettiest feet BY FAR in the class. Some of these chics had some seriously messed up feet ( i realize this is probably sacrilege in yoga to judge people but seriously cover those things up and certainly don't bring attention to them by painting them with polka dots!)
I now know why everyone uses towels ontop of their mats, because I was slipping and sliding all over the place.
I am in fact a sweater
I can be quite limber when it is 100 degrees.

I will definatley go back. I could tolerate the heat and got a better stretch due to it. However I do like the overall flow and moves of yoga 1.

Since I missed last weeks soccer game I knew today was going to hurt. Especially when I knew there would be no subs for girls yet again and since it was close to 100 degrees on the field. I suffered through the game and we ended up winning. The move of the game for me was perhaps when I had the ball about to hit me in the stomach so I quickly turned around and let it bounce off my ass. My ass actually made a pretty good play. I started to feel really off towards the second half and just sucked at life really. Then when the game was over I started sneezing uncontrollably. Then I got back and got the chills even though its about 90 degrees. THEN I decided to look down my throat since it kills and it is covered in bumps. This is not good. One of my cherub students last week thought he was funny and blew a snot rocket pretty much in my face. This was right before he told me he was "in the hospital" because of his throat. (the funniest part was that once I chastised him for doing that and begged him to use a tissue, he took the tissue and blew the rocket right into was so awesome I had to laugh). I guess sharing is caring!!

To round out my weekend post I would like to share a story about Friday night and how I tried to pay it forward. We were driving back from the beach and I saw a man walking his bike in his bike shoes and had a bad flat tire. Since I live close to where he was I swung home, picked up an extra tube, and even the co2 cartridges to fill it up. I went back and found the poor slug. He flat out refused my help! "well I don't even have a pump" my reply "i figured that so i brought you the co2 cartridges" "i'll just walk home really." Even though he did not take my assistance I felt that it was still a good deed and that hopefully kharma will come back around one day when I need help on the road.


kristen said...

Jeez, you mean to tell me cyclists are so rude that they even manage to be complete a$$holes when your offering him a pretty awesome opportunity. Karma will pay you back for that good deed for sure!!

So are you doing Yoga outside? I'll remember to never wear flip flops or go sockless around you. It's not pretty :)

Missy said...

Hell no, I'd say yes OR can I have a ride please. Really, he just didn't want you to see his shitty tire changing skills, guys are too proud.