Friday, September 25, 2009

the boston in me

I was just remembering a part of my run last night that I failed to mention. I think of this because my rolfer was just in Boston and she said all she wanted was someone to tell her to "go F#@K yourself!" She could not find a single person to do this. That must have been fresh in my mind as I went out for my run.

My house is in a very cute neighborhood, however at the other end of my street it is rather urban and sometimes scary. At one point I hit a light and since there were no cars coming I ran across (too many people in california wait for the signal to cross even when there are NO CARS), all of a sudden a car with some houligans decides it is going to GUN IT for me to teach me a lesson. What did I do? I still ran right in front of him with my nice long middle finger right in his face the whole street while smiling of course. It felt good.

I did run immediately into the supermarket for a few minutes just in case they came back around....i'm tough, but not that tough!

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