Sunday, September 27, 2009


Bri has gone and done it. He bought a bike on Friday and shoes and some other stuff. Of course I had to pick up a few things for myself at the bike shop (pink helmet to accentuate the slight pink on my bike & compression socks.) So these socks can be worn during workouts as well as after to aide in recovery. I hav pretty much been wearing them all weekend and I wore them during my soccer game today soooooo we'll see.

I was suffering a lil bit Saturday morning but sucked it up and trecked on over to Coronado to meet up with some friends for my run. I was pretty much struggling, and was finding it hard to keep up for most of the way. Towards the end I started feeling a lil better and ran down onto the beach and decided to run through the soft sand for about a mile. That is some hard shit! My heart rate was high and my pace was LOW but it was beautiful and calming, and its what the navy seals do. So yes what i'm saying is I am kind of just like a navy seal. EXCEPT they do it with a bit more ease and muscle and way more other stuff. I finished my 7 miles and did some sun salutations on the beach and it was great.

We made a trip to north county and took the dog to the Del Mar dog beach and just enjoyed the day. Then last night I went to see Kathy Griffin live! It was pretty hilarious. They were filming a show for bravo and it will air on Nov. 3. I was a bit tired so hopefully they do not catch me while yawning, that would be embarassing. I was in my element there though. I was planning on wearing a shirt that said "fag hag 4 hire" but that foiled so I went dressed normal. It was definately the place to find my gay husband, I really blew it though. No such luck.

Last night was another one of those wild animal kingdom kind of nights here at the merrill casa. The frigin raccoons were going after it all night, screeching and thumping around. I think I slept a whole 3 hours. We had a semi early wake up for the pats game with some friends. Had some yummy eats (bri made a pulled pork, and laura and I made eggs benedict with the pork) YUMMO!! Pats pulled a W but the Petos Locos (my soccer team) not so much. We played the same team we played week one and lost by alot. We only lost by like 7 points this time BUT what I realized (6 games in, i am real quick) is that girls get 2 points for scoring. The opponents have a girl on their team that is big boned (she is big I am trying to be pc and nice) and just hangs in front of the net and shoots the ball in. She actually was sitting on the bench I was going one on one with a guy on their team and she ran off the bench and pretty much right in front of the net without me knowing and would score. THAT was their move, so sneaky and should be illegal but whatever. I am getting a little better each game and it helped to actually have subs today so thatI could push it a little bit. Best part of the game was that I nutmeg'd a guy! I think that is what you call it when you kick the back between the defenders legs. Not sure how I pulled that one off but it felt good, real good. I also got a few headers (who cares that the people going up against me were way shorter). Worst part of the game was getting body slammed by the big boned girl and she literally took my breath away for a little bit. Good times!

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kristen said...

So, the opposing team essentially played one man short the majority of the game, until they were in scoring position. Then BBG (big boned girl) would bust out on the scene and just kick the ball in unbenounced to you guys. Genious. Serioulsy. WTF?!

fag hag 4 hire.....also genious!