Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's official

There I was at school about to run into a meeting when my phone starts ringing.

"hi jody this is wipeout" (a person not the actual balls calling me)
me-"this better be good news"
"well you tell us, are you available Oct 15th, 19th and November 3rd?"
me- "um yeah"
all along I thought they were doing more interviewing type stuff. Then all of a sudden I realized I was actually going to be on the show!

So apparently they film 3 times. All 24 people go the first day. Then if I don't suck really bad I will make it to the next round. And then if I make it past that I make it to the finals.

Sooooooooooooooooo my strategy. I am going to practice jumping over stuff and will probably let the kids at school punch me instead of evading their swings.
I will probably not cover my eyes in the shower to get used to having crap in my eyes,,,which I hate!
Not sure how to prepare for the spinny things that are inevitable but perhaps I will take some dramamine.
Oh and since I know they are going to call me the "master pee-er" i am going to likely wear a diaper.

Reactions so far:
"You can borrow the diapers from my classroom" undisclosed teacher at my school
"I thought i was f*#*ed up but you are REALLY f&#ed up" Mark Buonomo
"Jody you CANNOT wear a diaper on national TV!" Brian Merrill
"Jody please don't hurt yourself" Tiffany Parrella Crooker

I cannot make any promises

I will have more info after my drug test and physical next week. Lots of LA trips for me in the future!


Ashley said...

That's so awesome!!!! When will it air - do you know?

Kim said...

OMG i want to see you on TV!!!

stop taking those 'roids now my dear ;)

kristen said...

OMG -- I'm telling EVERYONE I know to watch and I'm goign to claim that your my 'crazy freind'.

Wear the diaper! I love it!

IronMatron said...

This is very cool. You are soon to be way more famous than me. Haha! The diaper. God. Not sure I could do it.