Saturday, September 5, 2009

the sweet spot

Today consisted of a few athletic endeavors. I convinced one of my running buddies from work who trained for her first half with me last year to sign up for the Silver Strand Half Marathon and training started today. We met up at Mission Bay and ran 5 miles. She brought a friend she met at the dog park which was fun for me because she just did the full Ironman in Arizona last April. Of course I was picking her brain about training. Always a fun thing when you meet people you have lots in common with totally randomly (we have the same dog sitter as well). Its always better to run with people and way more motivating to gab it up and talk about anything and everything (typically with runners/tri people it is usually bowel movements of the loose nature), and soon enough we were finishing up our 5 miles around the bay.

Hours later I went back to the bay for second athletic endeavor of the day: Paddleboarding (see picture above)
I was meeting friends there but since they were late and my time had already started I decided to get out there alone. Luckily I watched a youtube video (apparently its all about finding the "sweet spot" on the board) about it last week so that helped a bit cause the guy there just pointed said "board, life jacket, paddle" thanks bud. Luckily I am a total natural and figured it out pretty quickly and was cruising around. My friends eventually showed up and by then I was an old pro giving them pointers. Perhaps the most amusing part was the crazy fish that kept jumping out of the water, all over the place. I was tempted to smack one on the head with my oar and bring it home for dinner but I probably would have fallen off. Since its been a while about posting about peeing myself I feel I should share that I peed myself as soon as I got on the board while kneeling. I mean I didn't want to swim in the bay if I didn't have to so I peed and then pushed water onto myself with the oar to cover it up. I am so crafty like that. I think i'll end on that note.

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IronMatron said...

Paddle-boarding sounds fun. I need to move to San Diego.
This thought hits me at least 5x a day.