Friday, September 4, 2009

LuLu John

We hit up Del Mar race track yesterday, where the turf meets the surf. We only made it for 3 races but got to see the beautiful horses and racetrack. It would be fun if they had a people race on there....will have to look into that. Of course we lost money and I just bet on the ones with cool names. The last race I decided to go with lucky #11, but was advised to bet on two horses, so I did. Guess who won? #11! Oh well I bet wrong on it, and not to mention I lost my ticket so even if I bet correctly I would not have won jack.
I like to pretend that I won though, that is also fun.

And to point at things that are not happening so that the picture looks more interesting.
Anyhoo we had a great dinner right on the water with some of my tri friends and my old coach so that was great to catch up and my dad got a chance for story telling time which is always entertaining.
Once I figure out how to upload pictures right from my new pimped out phone I will add more pictures, but til then here ya go!
Oh by the by, I know I mentioned that the rolfing I am doing might make me taller. Wellllllllll I had Dr appointment this week and they always measure and weigh you and turns out I have grown and am officially 5'9', which is convenient because thats what I used to tell people anyways. For some reason when people ask how tall I am and I say 5'8 they are just not satisfied, so I usually say 5'9'. I am thinking once the rolfing is done ill probably try to get into the WNBA.
As for the title of my post, one thing I learned about the horses names is that they are alot of times a combination of their mother and their fathers names, so if I were a horse I would be LuLu John. Off for more fun before my dad has to leave tomorrow night!

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