Tuesday, September 8, 2009

please make him stop

I bought a package to the pilates studio that I went to last week because I so loved the workout. Welllllllllllllll tonights class was a bit more hardcore than my little "intro" class last week. Walking in I thought the instructor looked cool. He had that little surfer guy look with bloodshot eyes, didn't know he would be my nemesis. This shit was out of control. I could not even do 80% of the stuff and never even broke a sweat because I could not even wrap my head around half the stuff. I was twisted and contorted while on a moving glider. It seemed that we spent most of the time doing all the things that sucked last week but for a really long time and did none of the fun things that we did last week. Apparently there are levels to the classes and I had no idea. I feel like it if were yoga it would be the class where people are standing on their heads and look like cirque du soleil performers. Every part of my body that is the weakest was focused on in just about every exercise. I just kept looking at LG with that "what the F*#A!" look on my face. Oh and I swore. ALOT. I will be sure to try to email the owners to see when the more beginner friendly classes are because I don't feel like I got anything out of that. Its never fun to feel like a complete idiot/weakling/incompetent/pathetic individual. Its a darn good thing that there is a fantastic cupcake place underneath the studio. It may perhaps be the only thing that keeps me going back. I sure hope it gets easier!! Red velvet cake makes it all a little better though.

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