Thursday, September 3, 2009

super athletic

This is a pilates machine to most, to me it was much like a torture device that bordered on some sort of S&M device with its straps and chains. A friend of mine I met through training invited some of us girls to her friends pilates studio for a free trial. While I have done plenty of fake pilates videos and classes at the gym in the past I really had no idea what to expect. The instructor/owner was wonderful and gave very clear directions, but not so clear to someone who is totally clueless. So I just looked around to see what everyone else was doing. I was in between my friend Lisa and some dude. Everytime I looked at Lisa I cracked up because I knew that I looked WAY more ridiculous than she did, and she looked pretty ridiculous at times. All in all it was a pretty amazing workout and could possibly be worth the money. At one point towards the end we were lying on our backs and each ankle had a rope tied around it and we had to do big circles and things like that. I looked to my right to the only man in the group and this guy was flexible. Of course having diarrhea of the mouth I saw "Are you sure you're a guy? Guys should not be able to do that shit" nice. I think he winked at me too. Creepy. Anyhoo I made it through unscathed and we immediately headed to the cupcake place downstairs. I am pretty much in neck and shoulder spasms today which means it was a good workout I guess! Come to find out it was a level 2 class because she heard that we were all "super athletic" and that we could handle it. Totally super athletic

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