Thursday, April 29, 2010

No, Your crotch is great

After last weeks dr visit I was fully prepared to have to have my cysts cut out and stitched up to the point where I would not be able to bike for a few weeks. HOWEVER earlier this week they pretty much took care of themselves and burst on their own. I thought maybe they would come back. SOoooooooooo I went on a test ride this week and biked for a few hours. Typically I would get super uncomfortable around an hour and would not be able to walk normally for the rest of the week. This time I was fine. I thought maybe just maybe the Dr would spare me and HE DID! In fact they told me "your crotch is great!" I asked if they wanted a picture but they declined. I ended up yelling out "Suck it supersquamaous superficial cysts! superficial cysts 0 Jody 100!" I don't remember the technical name but basically one of the hair ducts got all fucked up months ago and just needed some time making me miserable. But now I am comfortable on the bike! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

This week has been lots of training. I was encouraged to go to a "bootcamp" pilates class. Little did I know what this meant. LG convinced me to go with her then decided to bail on me. I had to go by myself. Ho Hum. Well I got there and started chatting up a young man asking him if I needed sneakers etc. I knew he looked familiar but when I realized why he was familiar I was glad I didn't do the whole "how in the world do i know you" thing. He was one of the millionaire matchmakers from the bravo show. I wonder if I will get that once my debut on WIPEOUT airs!!! I am going to be so famous my goodness. My friends and family better get used to it. I am kind of a big deal.

Bootcamp turned out to be pretty awesome. It was very fast paced and pretty advanced but that pace gave me no time to complain, swear and give the instructor dirty looks. I loved it. My shoulder however did not appreciate it very much. But thats okay I know if I just jump in the pool this week that will feel better.

I want to wish all the triathletes in CALI luck this week with so many races going on!!! A fun time for the sport. I just realized a fun sprint tri is happening in a few weeks right down the street so I may just have to sign up for that. It would be my first sprint. I think MACCA is doing that one too so maybe I could continue to convince him to be our friend. Maybe I should see if he and his family need a place to stay....hmmmmn

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