Sunday, April 18, 2010


Why is it that it takes about 4 months to get in race shape and about one to two weeks to fall out of it? I thought that last weekends run through the lagoon sucked because of the fact that I had had a few beverages the day before, but after this weekends run I do not think that is true. Granted I did have the stomach flu Thursday into Friday BUT I did not expect my heart rate to be above 90% the entire run today. I met my friend LG and we ran the boardwalk in PB. I typically ran this on Tuesday nights with my team when we did sand intervals. Now I did not FEEL like I was going at 90% but thats what my garmin said....Could it be that our garmins were feeding off of one another? Or could it be the fact that I am likely dehydrated, and it was hot? Either way it is pretty annoying to feel like you should slow down in fear of overdoing it. We did manage to get in 7 miles exactly! It was like a tour of LG's terrible dates in SD because she would say "ohmygod take a look at that guy" and I would think it was cause of one reason and it was instead "that is the guy I had a terrible date with" Ah good times.
Brian and I went on a ride on Saturday. Lets just say it was something else. Lets also say that perhaps we both woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Biking is a funny thing, and its kind of hard to talk, so there are times where you think you are being heard but really all you are hearing is the wind. Anyhoo at one point I yelled "i'll just see you at home!" Forgetting that he is faster than me, so that did not work out like I had planned. We got home and pretty much laughed our asses off at what tools we were. Hey when you spend pretty much every waking hour together this kind of thing is bound to happen. I was however pretty pleased with myself that I was able to make it up the hills at our house. It was my first time doing it on my new bike that does not have a granny gear. That and there were a few men in the neighborhood doing hill repeats that were walking up the hills. I stayed in my seat and pedaled past them. It felt pretty good. Anyways back to the grind this week. I am pretty much back on track but should be swimming and biking and running more....guess I am not back on track. Its a new week!

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LG said...

plenty of time to get back into before SOMA and SDIT will be a piece of cake for you.

for more potential run-ins and stories, our next route should be in cardiff ;)