Saturday, April 3, 2010

my trip in pictures: PG13 at best

Me and Macca at the pasta party. If he only knew what he was in for the next night.



i'm sure bri was crapping himself here.

Out of the water and off for the bike!

The team running our honored hero Ted in to the finish!

At the finish in A-Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is where the fun begins:

The setting: The Malalo Lounge

The cast: The SD TNT chapter and all the pros/winners of the race

Let me set this scene: I decided that the closest I would get to professional athletes was now, and that I would do what I want to do to those like them (ie tom brady, timlin if i had the chance).

Also I was highly lubricated after a long day of racing...................

Not sure where this pose came from but it is something like when I like to climb through brides dresses on the day of their wedding.

I left out alot of the other pictures because I don't want these guys to lose any sponsorship because of hanging out with the likes of me. Lets just say they are funny and you wish you were facebook friends with me. Here is Bri hanging with the pros. Lets put it this way, not only can he not keep up on the course, but he certainly cannot keep up with the drinking either. We were quite a scene the next day getting onto our flight in Maui......

A great time a great trip and now it is so nice to be back home with the puppy!!!

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Ashley said...

Awesome pics!!