Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't F with this broad!

I nixed my 8 mile run on Sunday because well this weekend we had way too much fun and I was actually up until about 12 each night (GASP!) which is extrememly late for me. We had a sunset cruise on Friday night. Our friends got an amazing hook up and we were on a 60 ft yacht and went all around the harbor with great food, drinks and alot of laughs. I may or may not have mooned the entire restaurant at Fish Market. I was not alone, and we feel that we made the nights of those eating (they were trying to grab their cameras to take a picture). Saturday we headed up to the OC for my first time in Laguna beach/Newport Beach. We definately need to go back cause we just went for dinner with our buds. I looked for all the Laguna beach stars but did not see any..BOOOOO!!!
So instead of running Sunday when I knew it would be a huge suckfest I just went to the pool. I ALMOST was a big girl and joined the masters swim. It looked like a small group. Then I saw them hoisting themselves out of the pool (which sadly I cannot do) and then do a whole bunch of crazy stuff. Due to the ole shoulder I figured I would just take it easy and do my own thing. I did not take it easy. I decided to do a whole bunch of 100s. I warmed up, did 10 timed 100s. I was pretty pleased because my 100 time came down even more to a 1:53 since my swim lesson. I am moving in the right direction so that is good. I decided I would get my run in today after work. I always torture myself trying to decide where to run. I mean the coast is beautiful and all, but its hard on my legs being all concrete and with the mileage getting up there I much prefer the trails. I do not however prefer getting raped and murdered in the trails. hmmmn whats a girl to do. I decided to get the dog on her leash and much to her dismay we went out for our run. She resisted pretty much the whole time, but I just considered that like resistance training in a way. We did 4 miles in the trails. I knew that would be it for her and I needed some water. I took her home and found a package in the mail from my in-laws! It was perfect timing because it was a can of mace for runners! YAY!!!! I slapped that baby right on my hand and took off. At one point there was a man without workout stuff or hiking stuff on and he was alone. I got ready took the safety off and was ready to fuck some shit up. I was ready. Turns out he was just bird watching but if he weren't I would have been ready. I might just start carrying this stuff all the time. Although at one point it got kind of hard to breathe and I kind of worried that a little might have sprayed while I was running. Turns out I am just totally not in shape to be running hill after hill in my flippin neighborhood.

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