Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where to begin?

Lets me just get the grossness out of the way first. We all know by now I have a tempermental stomach. WELL I flew into Boston on a red eye on Friday night. I decided I was going to do this a new way, on pills. I popped the same pill they gave me for the MRI, in the hopes I would get some sleep. It worked I was relaxed and think I actually got some shut eye. At one point during the flight I "came to" as I put it. I decided to pop another pill. Not a smart idea because we were descending and I just didn't realize it. I walked through Logan high out of my mind. I LOVE PILLS! Going to turn into Dr House soon I think.

Here comes the grossness. Boston had a PW situation (poopy water). Of course I did not realize this until I was already half in the bag at my friends bachelorette party. I knew the shit would hit the fan for me eventually. I just didn't realize it would happen so soon. The news said sickness should not set in for 7 days but I was ill the very next day and pretty much the entire week home. Excellent. In between trips to the bathroom I was able to see lots of people and most importantly to spend time with my niece. She now has a complex and thinks that everytime I leave the room I am "goin to california." Oh bestill my heart. Poor E-beth ended up in the hospital with a stomach bug as well by the end of vaca. We did manage to squeek in a sleepover in which I found out that she turns into a black belted ninja in her sleep. She had me up ALL night karate chopping me and grappling in her sleep. Priceless though. Apparently she thinks she is coming to Cali for "belle's birthday" and is "so sited" ie so excited to come. That would be nice.

It is always amazing to see my friends and family and its always fun to surprise people. People make a much bigger deal when you come to visit from far away! It was an amazing week and a wonderful wedding. I tried to win the contest that didn't exist of the "#1 bridesmaid" I think I took the title with my ridiculous antics throughout the day. Every bride needs someone to take the edge off through the day and perhaps throw salami on their breasts for the photographer. Photos to come.

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Kim said...

yikes, poops are NO good jod! but are you sure you got it from the water? after the boil ban was lifted, it was found that the water wasn't really contaminated after all! regardless, being in the bathroom so much blows! hopefully your ass doesnt hurt too much.