Saturday, May 29, 2010

a good dooby

Year after year I tell myself that I will adhere to heart rate training. But year after year it is just way more fun to actually run and chat and talk about inappropriate things with people, who are typically faster than me. After my last bout with whatever intestinal problem it is that I have, I have had a really hard time getting my fitness level back. Not that I think it should be where I was before Lavaman, BUT it should certainly not be shooting over 100%heart rate over any ole hill! I have still been doing plenty of training.
With a half marathon lurking just a week away I got rid of the negative thoughts of (screw it.. hey its still a donation to tnt even if I dont run....i don't wanna!) I decided I should go on a long run this weekend and stick to the plan. DO NOT GO CRAZY! aka keep my heart rate to a semi normal percentage. And that is what I did. I decided to do a time goal instead of a mileage goal. So I just thought eh i'll do two hours. I ran to the 101 and headed up the coast for a bit. It was a perfectly gorgeous day. THAT and my husband had the great idea to use my phone's pandora app on my run and that made it way more fun. It was like karaoke out on the streets. I kind of like to sing as loud as possible without looking like a total freak and more like someone who loves life and doesn't care who hears me.
I have to say it was hard to stay pretty close to 75% Max HR. I did still notice that on inclines it would shoot up but I would just take lots of walk breaks and felt like I did not over exert myself. I made it onto the beach a few times, got lost a few times trying to find my trails to get home.
I finally found the trails and got a friendly warning "hey rattlesnake up ahead." I got my mace ready. Of course the sucker was right there in front of me. I squirt it with my water bottle (THANK GOD I HAD SOME LEFT!) and it made the loudest rattle as it slithered away. Crisis averted! I did not want to have to call brian from the trails.
I have to say I was happy to stick to the plan today and I will try to do so with my running. I know it works out for people and that eventually they can run faster while keeping a good heartrate, but right now it feels like I have to do alot of walking. I guess thats okay....

After my 10 miles I refueled at the cutest place in Rancho Santa Fe for lunch. It was called Thyme in the ranch and had AMAZING looking pastries and deserts and yummy lunch. The chocolate chip cookie hit the spot, but twas nice sitting there smelling all the beautiful flowers growing all around the place. So cute.

Speaking of cute I am super proud of our dog, she was a trooper at the dog beach today and was swimming up a storm. She turns alot of heads I must say. She looks wimpy but the chic does not mess around. She actually puked in her mouth and still did not drop the ball, ah yes she is her mamas doggy. Nothing says summer like being covered in sand and salt water!
Happy start of summer everybody!


Missy said...

Stick to the plan and it will pay off - easier said than done, I know.

CTO said...

Makes me happy to know I am not the only one struggling with 75%. I swear my Garmin beeps the whole time I am running driving everyone mad.