Monday, May 24, 2010

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack

I feel better. I feel kind of silly for all the complaining knowing good and well that lots of people have it way worse than I do. But when you are in the moment its tough not to dwell. My apologies to anyone who is suffering. really. One of my honored teammates who pretty much trains through cancer pretty much put things into perspective for me. I could not get an appt with the gastro dr til the end of June so I will not have a firm diagnosis until then. I will likely have to shit myself at least 10 times by then. But I am not complaining just stating the facts.

Towards the end of the week I got back to working out and swam a few times and got on the trainer. Saturday I went out for a ride that I have done TONS of times with LG. It was a great day to ride, there was a bike race going on so lots of riders. This also meant there were even more disgruntled drivers. Now my friend is not the best law abiding citizen when it comes to bike riding. THis means we usually get sworn at and honked at quite a bit. It feels kind of like home. Anyways it was a great ride, but wow I am already out of shape. My legs were like jello on the way back. Not only that but my heart rate monitor ACTUALLY got up to 100% going up the hills in my neighborhood. It was silly. I have a half marathon in two frickin weeks. I am not sure how this is going to happen but I paid alot of money for it so I am doing it. Today I just did a run walk and it was nuts how slow I had to go to stay under 75%. Oh well. It will come back to me eventually. Hoping all goes well with the tummy this month so I can get back in action for my half marathon and next triathlon.

After tons of searching for some patio furniture I found this beauty on craigslist. The great thing was that it was super cheap AND it was only a few blocks away. I have to laugh though because we hauled it all in my VW convertible. This is funny because my hubs wanted a big SUV so we could "haul stuff" yet all the stuff we have had to haul has had to go in the convertible. Best decision EVER!

Go Celtics!

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