Sunday, May 16, 2010

over it

Well since I got back from Boston I have pretty much been super sick. I got yet another ass attack on Tuesday night which led to me feeling horrible Wednesday and it kind of has gone downhill since then. I had to take Thursday and Friday off from work. On both of those days I had to drive downtown anyways to make a "deposit" to the dr's laboratory. I saw the Dr again on Thursday and they made a referral for me to the gastro Dr and gave me some more bloodwork.

I have zero energy, have gotten off the couch just a handful of times in 4 days and am now completely nauseous along with all my other problems. I got the bloodwork back via email and its clear that my body is fighting some kind of infection but since its the weekend I just have to sit and wait (and google all the terrifying things that the results could mean). I am pretty convinced at this point that I have Crohns, but there is no way of knowing until I get the colonoscopy. I will be scheduling that as soon as my referral goes through on Thursday.

I constantly feel like I have awful hunger pains, yet can't really eat or drink cause then when I do, I feel even worse. Its pretty awesome. Really hoping I can get to work tomorrow. I am not even contemplating working out right now and could care less about the fact that I have two races fast approaching. I just need to get better.

I officially do not think that diarrhea or anything to do with it is funny, especially when I have had to shit into a plastic bag and sift through it and then drive a half hour with it in my car and plop it on the front desk of my dr's office. Okay maybe thats a little funny but really I am totally over it at this point.


akjenniekt said...

I'm sorry your feeling so sick! My sis was diagnosed with Chron's a few years ago- she has been able to manage it pretty well.
I really hope that you start feeling better soon

Patty said...

Hi Jody,
You sound like me over the past 20 years. I hope you get everything taken care of...Crohn's and/or Ulcerative Colitis are nothing to fool with. I learned the hard way. Check out Team Challenge (Crohn's and Colitis Foundation). My contacts with them have been amazing!

Loved your blog! And, it's honesty.
Patty--a fellow athlete, sort of.