Friday, October 9, 2009

Who is it gonna be?

I have pretty much sucked this week. My trip to Boston was great. Fortunately I was able to see Connie while she was still feeling pretty strong from her hospital visit. I was able to find a charm that a friend of mine gave to me at my moms funeral. It is a jewish proverb (love the jews they are so clever, go JC) the mizpah and reads "lord watch between me and thee while we are absent from one another." It is kind of like a best friends charm in which it is cut in half. So the idea is you both wear a half of it. I got a few sets for Julie, her daughter and her sister and mother. That charm brought me some peace with the loss of my mother and hopefully will always be a reminder for them and especially Julie's daughter that she is never far from her nana. I wish I could still be there with them especially during these tough times. I almost cannot wait to start training for my next TNT event so I can get fundraising again because this whole cancer thing is really for the birds if you ask me. So sick of it.

While home I decided to do a run around "the river" and it is certainly one of my favorite spots. I borrowed some running attire from Apple and headed out and was not alone because it was the Breast Cancer walk so there was plenty of people watching. I did around 8 miles or so but it was a rather sluggish run.

I was also able to visit with my sweet neice Elizabeth who is just so damn funny I can't even stand it. Boy does she love her "jojo" and that feeling is certainly mutual. There were lots of games of hide n seek, snuggle time, and the game where Elizabeth jumps on me over and over until my knees are almost broken. I can't wait for this Christmas when all the neices and nephews will really really get it.

Okay now for my flight home....boy that was fun. Well the fun part was that I ended up knowing 3 people on the flight, and two of our new friends ended up in the same aisle so we all sat together. GOod thing because our direct flight ended up being not so direct. We ran out of gas and had to stop somewhere in the middle of the country. Sat a while, got to SD and they had no gate for us. I pretty much had doritos and that was it for about 15 hours. I need to eat every 3 hours so that was interesting. Jetblue provided us a $25 voucher,,,,wow thanks.

I must have picked something up on the flight, or from one of the many students at school whose parents decided to send them in despite teh fact that they were violently ill. I have had a form of the stomach bug all frigin week. I have not been able to eat anything without nasty effects since Tuesday. On Wednesday I had to drive up to LA for my physical for Wipeout, that was interesting. I had to stop twice but I will spare you the details of those events. I passed my physical and am cleared for the taping of the show this Thursday. Hopefully I can hold down/in some food so that I can kick some ass on the show and win me some 50K. Or at least not look like death warmed over on national television.
I still have to pick out my outfit for the show and I need a duplicate of my outfit since we tape multiple obstacles in one day. Still not decided but I think a trip to American Apparel should clear that up.

We are off for Las Vegas tonight which I am sort of dreading ( i know i know), and believe me vegas is one of my favorite places on earth where gambling and heavy drinking is a give in. But given my status the past few days I know it will not be a true vegas experience for me. I will do my damndest though to make it through and feed the fish on the craps tables. I am sure this post will follow with inappropriate pictures of me at ridiculous hours of the night. Well thats what the healthy jody would be doing. Only time can tell who will show up this weekend?

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kristen said...

I remember those charm neclaces from when I was a little girl. Give one half to your best's a beautiful idea.

Sorry about the flight. $25. wow. how generous.