Friday, October 16, 2009

alot of alots

Well there is not much I can say about my debut on wipeout because I could be sued for saying too much. I will say this. It was by far one of the most fun days of my life. It was a group of 22 completely unique individuals that got to spend a whole lot of time sitting around together.
I had a blast and will hopefully get some good face time when it airs in the summer. I surely gave them plenty of footage to work with.
I can tell you this:
lots of people finished the course and puked...LOTS
I did not puke.
I fell ALOT, like ALOT ALOT
the course is ALOT harder than it looks
being stuck in mud is not fun, and eating that mud is even less fun, coughing up the mud for the night is super unfun
At one point i thought my eye was bleeding
I fell more times than one could even count
I felt like a bobble head and today cannot move my neck
one of the producers referred to me as "miss congeniality" but having a good personality does NOT help you on the balls AT ALL!
To top the day off after all of the muck and mud (shout out franko) I left to meet my most super wonderful friend LG who drove up to LA with me to hang out alone all day so that I would not have to drive home. (THANKS LIS!!) So as I was finally clean at the end of the day and i walked to the car and completely fell into mud. It was brutal.
After 3 showers I am still finding gravel and other condiments in crevices of my body.

Sorry to say I will have to wait til Summer to see my athletic endeavors on the big red balls. I can only imagine what the commentators will be saying.

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kristen said...

Ugh..summer. I don't want to wait that long! Sounds crazy!! Good for you for not puking. If *you* had those things to say about the course, I wonder how some of those people even get through it. There are some pretty unathletic people on that show sometimes.