Thursday, October 22, 2009

totally faking it

Well my next TNT event has unofficially officially begun. Oh boy!! I am mentoring this season which means I will have about 5-10 individuals that I will take under my wing and try to get them to the finish line in good spirits, meeting all their personal and fundraising goals. I am also heading up the "social committee" for the team. I felt like it took way to far into the season for team bonding so I want to jumpstart it right away, which means bri best fire up that grill!

We had a mentor meeting and although it was looooooooooong I am certainly going to learn quite a bit from my new coach and am hoping to get more info about heart rate training. I typically rode towards the middle to end of the group last year but now that I am mentoring I will likely be staying with my slowest participant. I know how shitty it was to feel totally alone on the courses, thinking I was lost, feeling like I was the slowest person on earth, and at times crying thinking "why why why?!" (refer back to my mt laguna ride). THe thing is, I rode most of the actual tri by myself as well. Well besides the thousands of people passing me trying to pump me up. My coach asked what my favorite sport of all 3 was. I honestly could not pick one. Not because I suck at all, not because I succeed at all, but because I really just dont mind any of them. The real challenge this season will be the open water swims that begin in the winter. Even though it is cali, the water gets "colder than a witches tit" (one of betty lou's favorite lines" and lets face it people that is when sharks like to infest the waters here. Since I will have little duckies looking to me for advice I am going to have to TOTALLY FAKE IT!!! I am going to fake it harder than sally. Like I may need to change my wetsuit after these swims. THe fun part will be convincing Bri to come as well (he has a fear of dying in open water...we are a good time).

THe thing is, even though I worked my butt off, I know there were areas of the tri that I slacked on last season. I do not intend on slacking whatsoever because I need to set an example and be a role model for the little duckies. I am also going to have to get better at tire changing because if I am going to be sweeping alot of the rides that means I will have to help all the suckers who pop a tire. This is going to make for some very long saturdays if they are depending on me!!

THe training schedule looks fun and our new digs are going to be AWESOME for training. I can probably get in a good week bike workout since we live along some great routes and I can try to get out of work at a decent time to get some daylight. I also found a great pool that opens at 5am so we can get some early morning swims in there. I am just really hoping that I can continue to squeeze the pilates and yoga in at least once a week with training because I never thought i'd say it but I really love both of them.


LG said...

a pool at 5 am -- where oh where?? do tell. and i will be sure to still get you to pilates once a week, my goal is to keep it in the mix too.

Missy said...

Yes, must practice tire changing. Do it in front of the TV, at home, under controlled conditions. Makes it a lot less stressful!

Sounds like a great plan to me!