Friday, October 30, 2009

oh don't EVEN

So when this broad gets hungry she gets crazy. I am pretty sure I will find out one of these days that I am diabetic because I seriously lose my shit when hungry. Okay just had to preface this post with that lil tid bit of info. Onto the good stuff.

We went to Lowes to pick out some paint for our new house, and I was already complaining about how hungry I was an hour before we left. The guy took FOREVER to fill our paint and then some (oh and Bri decided that he would do the self check out which is NEVER a good idea). At this point I was in the car with the dog because she was bored and I needed to sit down and play bubble burst on my phone. Anyways we decided that it was an In-N-Out burger kind of night. I took a few wrong turns which prolonged this excurstion even further.

The dog at this point is whining with that "I am going to poop myself" kind of whine. Bri decided he would see if she had to go and I was waiting in line at In-n-out. All of a sudden I hear yelling, I look and Bri is walking back with the dog and says "hold on I am going to go kick the shit out of those guys." Instead of saying "no dear dont do that" I start yelling (they were making fun of him and the dog NOT OKAY). I dropped a good "F-You you F-in A-holes" (oh did i mention it was 4 punk guys in the car?) Oh and I was giving them the finger, and I was giving it real hard. I felt so tough. They continued taunting from their truck and drove off ( clearly they were intimidated). I really wanted to punch someone I am not gonna lie. We high fived and had a good laugh until I thought "oh geesh what if they are waiting around the corner? there are only two of us?" oh well! I guess I was still frazzled cause I pulled out into oncoming traffic and nearly gave us all a heart attack.

Needless to say there are going to be a few drinks ingested tonight.

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kristen said...

People like that don't deserve your time and energy!!! Douche bags!!