Monday, October 19, 2009



What it is: a painful reaction that occurs when one squeezes 30 limes to make margaritas and combines that with sunshine

The result: a painful blistering on the hands that looks like 3rd degree burns, bright red and totally gross

Who has it? My hubs.

I have heard of this before from bartenders but man oh man it is gross and looks rather painful.

On a good note we are moving!!! Since I am totally sick of tripping over stuff in our too small of a house we finaly found some new digs that we are both psyched about. We passed up a panoramic ocean view place in which the woman even knocked down the price by 300 so that we would take it (we are pretty awesome so everyone wants us...duh!) and we went with another house that is a bit more practical for us. and by us I mean the puppy! Great yard, amazing view of a lagoon and canyons and so totally serene. We have some big plans, like flat screens outside and all kinds of crazy shit. I think i now even have space for a workout ROOM!!!! major shopping sprees in my future!!!!!!!! oh how i miss the christmas tree shop!!!

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kristen said...

Sweet!!! I want pictures of the new digs.