Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its all about the p job (parking job)

So yesterday was bike training at my coaches house with all the other mentors for this seasons Lavaman. I learned quite a bit and off we went to Fiesta Island so coach could watch us and make sure we were practicing good form so we can pass it on to our duckies. I feel like I am riding a new bike after my last bike fit. Its going to take some getting used to but it feels ok. My only problem are my new shoes, if it weren't for the fact that I spent a good chunk of change on them I would just return them. My coach adjusted them and I am going to try them out tomorrow on my trainer. My handlebars were also flipped so now I lean alot more and there is way more pressure on my neck and shoulders, that could be fun.
In other news, Bri went out for his first bikeride on the new bike with the clip pedals. I so wish I were there because I was expecting him to fall on his ass much like I did the first time I attempted (although I tried in the kichen and bit it into the table while still clipped in...lots of bruises) but he went alone and did not have any issues. Its more fun when you fall. Nonetheless I am proud of him for getting out there alone. GOtta get him some sneakers and heart rate monitor so he can start getting on the running or walking or whatever he is most comfortable doing.
This morning I drove to meet my group at the Marian Bear state park which is in La Jolla and its got a bunch of great running trails and lots of loose rock which is similar to what we will run on in Hawaii. I noticed that other mentors were emailing about "be careful how you park" and I just thought they must really enforce where you park. Pulling up I was careful to make sure I was not illegally parking. Come to find out this spot is the hotbed for gay porn. Yup apparently lots of the outdoor shots are filmed here, and many times you will run into a scene, literally. Sooooo due to that it is also a big meetup. If you park backed in that apparently means you want it in the back as well. If you park sideways well you are up for anything with anyone. THere were actually people waiting in their cars. Safe to say I will NEVER run there alone. It was a great trail run though.
Coach taught me a bit about heart rate training which I want to give a shot. This means that I have to stay under 75% of my maximum heart rate. THIS IS HARD!!! The idea is that over time if you adhere to this, your pace will increase and your heart rate stays the same. Essentially you will start to run faster but your body is working at a pace that is easy and more importnatly a pace that you can still digest at. Super important for long races, not crazy important for an olympic distance but I really want to try it. This means that I am pretty much at a shuffle, like I should just walk because that is how fast I am moving. I am going to try to be patient and do this and hope that it works out for me in the end.


kristen said...

That's hilareous about the parking, but also kinda freaky and sick. I fell several times the first time with clips. Usually at a stop sign with lots of cars watching. Nice!

NY Wolve said...

Give heart rate training time. If you start with it and strictly adhere to the various guidelines, it will drive you nuts because you'll never feel like you are pushing yourself. But, as you get used to it, it helps you to see how hard your body is working. I love my heart rate monitor, but I am not a slave to it. I use it as a data point to guide, not a strict teacher to limit.