Monday, October 12, 2009

Onyx is craaaaaaaaazay

I am sorry to say that my friend Connie lost her battle with myeloma October 10th. She was an amazing woman, mother, friend, sister, and most importantly grandmother to the gracefully amazing Grace. I pray that they will continue to find ways to be close to her. Perhaps her way of saying hello today was when my wonderful husband tossed a dog toy to the dog and knocked over the lenox candle holder that was a wedding gift from Connie. It shattered all over the place and all I could do was laugh because I know it was her way of saying hello. Now she is happy and surrounded by all those who went before her. She was a big supporter of me and she was my motivation for my athletic endeavors and she will no doubt remain to be a major motivator.
Now I am sure you may be wondering who that goddess with the black hair is....its Onyx. Onyx was my alias in Vegas this past weekend. We went to meet up with some friends and Ally aka "Britney" (see her fake pony) talked me into a wig and it was too funny to pass up. I have already worn it to school and tried to freak out some of the kids. The women selling this "totally real looking wig" told me these things:
- it is half "humen" hair (it actually said that one the bag it came in)
- "you could be a victorias secret model with this for halloween, yup all you need are the wings" (yeah honey thats ALL I need!!!!)
- you just need some dark eye make up and you can work this
-this wig is worth $300 ( I got it for 80 and swear i saw the same one in walgreens later that night for 10)
It was a fun weekend in Vegas. THe Merrill's carried every craps table we hit. Speaking of hitting, it looked like Bri got in a fight but really his face fought the bedside table. Well his nose really. Very funny for me, not so funny for him!

Now onto Wipeout. I picked up some pieces for the ensemble. I leave Wednesday night with my super friend LG who is driving up with me to LA and staying in the hotel since I have to be at the set at 6am. To top it off she can't even go wtih me so she is going to wait around all day to make sure I don't break something. What a gal!!! So I am super psyched for that!!!!! Big red balls here I come!!!
I have done nothing athletic besides attend yoga in an attempt to "sweat vegas out of me" and it worked. A successful yoga session minus me nailing a girl in the head with my foot. Really though, these mats are not long enough for me and my long ass legs and this chick was all up on my grill.

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