Thursday, April 30, 2009

There has to be a number I can call

I went on a buying spree this week. First it started with some online shopping. I bought a supercute running skort to avoid anymore camel toe pics of me crossing a finish line. Then I bought some clothes, then I bought a heart rate monitor. Then I realized the heart rate monitor I bought was bogus, so I cancelled that and headed to a local running store that offers 20% off for TNT participants.

Off I went to RoadRunner Sports, and ended up with their Garmin 405. This gem will not only tell me my heartrate, it does pace, distance, and automatically connects to the computer to tell me where I went, the elevation and all that good stuff. As I was checking out (of course I picked up some cute shirts, a box of Gu and a box of Clif Shots) they convinced me that I should get fitted for sneakers because the wait was short. Well the wait was not too short and an hour and a half later (bri was PSYCHED) I had my feet totally evaluated (aka more people telling me I have awful running form), shoes picked out and actual orthotics fitted and molded to my feet for my high arches. I am giving them a shot and will see how it goes.

I feel as though I should address my running form (feet out, knees in, messed up hips) because when I was a baby I had deformed hips. My parents had to put a metal rod between my legs (please dont be gross) and I had to keep them like that because doctors feared I would "not grow." Clearly the growth turned out to be a nonissue, but my form is no doubt affected by whatever ridiculous way that dr's thought they should treat hip problems back in the day. Anyways I power on, I dont really care how I look doing it, I just want to do it in a way that I don't injure myself everytime I do it.

SPEAKING OF INJURIES, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I got a work related injury. I had a student fall and I wanted to break his fall (mostly because he was so kind to punch me in the gut a few minutes prior to this) with my ankle. It is feeling rather bruised and tender. Mainly because it is the same ankle that I have broken or sprained about 7 joke. I iced it right away in the hopes that I would not have any residual problems, but it is kind of tender right now. I am debating on what to do today. We have a group run tonight, so we'll see. I do want to try out my new gear!!!

I made it back down to the pool yesterday and am starting to feel some more strength in the pool. I guess I am feeling stronger overall. I am really looking forward to this weekends workout. We are taking the train to Orange County, and riding our bikes back. It is supposed to be a relatively flat ride so that will be nice and i'm sure riding along the ocean won't be too shabby either!

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