Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Mouth Vomit

A new term that I coined after my workout at Rehab United tonight. I write this post from my couch, with a whey protein shake next to me and two bags of frozen peas on each knee. I legitimately threw up in my mouth TWICE during tonights workout. Our lovely Scot took over for the whole time. Normally we only have to endure her craziness for 40 minutes, tonight it was about 80. We did intervals on the bike and transitions into our "trainers" which is Scot for "sneakers" (I am learning so much) for crazy pliometrics. We were doing wind sprints, crazy jumps, and a bunch of other torturous acts, and I sucked wind the whole time. We went through this circuit from hell 3 times each. It was intense. I will leave it to my lovely friend Lisa to add great quotes from both me and the Scot on her blog. I kind of blacked out.

Monday Bri and I went down to the pool for a great swim. The water was so warm that it loosened my knotty back right up. I definately need to work on my "lungbusters" (breathe every 3, 5, 7, 9, then 11 strokes) I can only get up to 9 and I pretty much gasp for air at the end.

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LG said...

haha! I wish i had some frozen peas right about now -- off to get out of my stink and stretch before the final weigh-in on BL -- you did GREAT tonight!!!!