Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I was bored this morning and was trying to think about how to get faster in my old age. In years past everytime I tried to push myself, I got injured. I feel like I am in the best shape i've been in for quite some time and I am ready to start to push it.

In an effort to get faster, I did some digging on old race results.

2003 where it all began:
law enforcement half: 2:22 (10:52 pace) Got injured right after and could not run for 2 months
San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon: 5:45 (13:10 pace)
law enforceent half:
Boston Marathon: 5:40 (12:58 pace) Not injured, but it was 90 degrees
Boston Marathon: 5:12 (11:54 pace) injury free
law enforcement half: 2:20 (10:43)
Mooseman Olympic Triathon: .8mile swim (39.02)/ 28mile bike (2:06/12.95 speed)/ 10K run (1:16/12:16pace) -total time 4:09:06
Carlsbad Half Marathon: 2:26 (11:11 pace (very ironic number))

My upcoming triathlon is double the length of my previous one, I would think I should just double the number. HOWEVER I am biking and running way more than my previous training. ALso the biking out here in California is extremely hilly, which should help to make my legs stronger. I think that the places I can decrease my time are on the bike and run. My previous triathlon I really only ran about half of it and had to walk most of it.

Here are my goals:
do the bike in under 4 hours, and do the half marathon in under 2:45
no more playing it safe

I will try to run with those faster than me and bike with those who are usually in front of me.

On that note, I am off to run/spin/and run some more (keeping it local cause my stomach is still out of sorts)

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