Saturday, April 11, 2009

I might melt

We started our ride out this weekend with a sobering reminder about how dangerous this sport can be. One of our mentors and veteran triathletes came hobbling to our practice. She wrecked during a race last weekend, went flying over her handlebars and had to be airlifted to a hospital. She had a bleed around her brain, and fractured her pelvis, and still managed to make it to practice to support us.

Come to find out it is not super safe to bike in the rain. We took off for our what was supposed to be a 35 mile ride and about 15 miles in it started to get real ugly. At one point I found all those ahead of me huddled under a tree. My coach decided to cut the ride short since there were a few minor accidents. It was the type of weather that as soon as we would make a turn, the roads were dry and it had been untouched by rain. Very strange. We ended up doing 25 miles and it was COLD and wet. It was kind of fun though. You just know that people riding by in their cars with the heat on are looking at you and thinking "what is wrong with those poeple?" We got back and did a 40 minute run. THe runs are getting more comfortable and its kind of crazy how a 25 mile bike ride is now a cake walk. I AM SO TOUGH! I was going to give the whole peeing on your bike thing a whirl today but I was unsuccessful. I figured I was already wet enough so noone would know. Although I probably just would have told everyone anyways. There is something hard about peeing while you have a giant seat sticking up your hooha.

I am now in the warm/dry comforts of my home. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Happy Easter!

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