Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shwetty Eye

What a great day. So I managed to do a 12 minute run, and then a pyramid workout on my bike that I had previously done at my Tuesday night workout. I have NEVER sweat like I did this morning. I set my bike up on my trainor in our driveway in the sun. I literally had sweat pouring into my eyes, very weird because I don't normally sweat at all. After 40 minutes on the bike I went back out for a 30 minute run. I tried to push it a little faster than normal and did some intervals towards the end at the park. I was slightly concerned when I got home and stretched and kept moving around because I thought I was lying on something hard. Turns out it was just my knee crackling EVERY time I moved it. OYE. I had no pain or anything but its just one of those things that happens in your old age I guess.

We then mozeyed on over to our neighbors open house to snoop a bit. It makes us want to buy a house, especially after seeing Bri's eyes light up at the kitchen (isn't that supposed to happen to women??). It was pretty amazing but we will stay put for a while.

My TEAM had a group swim in La Jolla which I skipped. Everytime I get sick and sleep all day I then end up with spasms somewhere in my back or neck, or both. Today it was my neck so I figured after my morning workout that I would take it easy and join the group for the bbq after the swim. I am so glad I did. One of my friends from the team is Australian and I keep getting caught up on his little sayings. For instance we were discussing how sucky the team wednesday night swims are. It is really cold, and when we are done we have to cover the pools and I almost always end up underneath the pool covers panicking for my life, and its cold. So my friend says "yeah it totally gives us the shits" I say, "Is that what it is?!" As if the pool water gives everyone the shits. THey just looked at me like I was crazy. I had to say "oh is this one of those funny Aussie sayings?" It was. It means "we really hate that swim, its a drag." Gotta love it.

It was a beautiful Spring day in San Diego. I could take it about 5-10 degrees warmer, but it is quite nice. Bri and the dog joined me which made it even better.

After the bbq we headed to our friends Ness and Nick's for dinner and the Sox. Good times had by all. Another weekend done and done.

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