Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have never been a "no" person, but this year has brought me the challenge of having to say "no" or "i can't" to ALOT of things. I hate to miss anything, but when you live across the country apparently you can't go home every month like I pretty much did l
ast year. Today marks the last "I can't" of our time here in San Diego, and it is one that hurts the most. Today I am missing my best friend Dee's wedding. Its hard to believe that I won't be there. If anything this reminds me that going back to Boston is the right thing. I don't want to be the absentee friend, ESPECIALLY to those who have always been there for me. It really sucks letting finances dictate what you can and cannot do. Dee was the friend who let me make halloween costumes like this. ( I cannot post the after picture because it is obscene but we did win 3rd place that night AND were able to flag down cabs with our giant penae that were under these coats). I mean who doesn't love a nude leotard?!
I guess in a way though I am grateful that I have had this new experience of missing things and with battling with money because it has forced me to get COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. When I come back to Boston I will be opening my own business. You heard it right people. I am what they call an entrepreneur (not even sure if I spelled that correctly)! I am going to be opening a pilates studio and am super stoked about it. This is going to be a challenge and something I have NEVER dreamed of doing until recently. I am so ready for the challenge and for the possibilities it will bring. I am most excited to get people moving and for them to believe in themselves as they challenge themselves through this difficult workout. I will share more details as they come but right now I just have to get home so I can make the next step and find a studio to do this in! As Bri put it, "we are risk takers and this is a risk but we have to go for it."

Before I go I have to thank my friends and family whose big moments i've missed. You have all been understanding of my situation and made it as easy on me as you possibly could. I thank you for that and hope that I will be there for not only all the big moments in life but for all the crazy fun little ones in between too!

September is right around the corner!!!
In the meantime to get through this day I am off to the Pride Parade!!!

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