Tuesday, July 13, 2010

buh bye cali

So the word is out and Bri and I (& Belle) are moving back to Boston. Lots of factors that at this point no longer matter we are on to the next venture. California was something I NEVER thought I would do and it has been an amazing experience all around. Its time to go though and although it happened pretty quickly we are now embracing it and excited for the next chapter. We will be homeless and I am pretty much jobless but i'm sure things will work out. There are always ways of makin money....legally of course.

So we should be back by September and are looking forward to being a part of everyones lives again, but sad to leave all the friends we have made here behind.

I guess things got too boring and we thought another cross country trip would be fun....right?!


Mary IronMatron said...

Welcome home!!!

Kim said...

wohohooo youre coming back!!

ps. when are you on wipeout?