Thursday, July 22, 2010


I apparently have an addiction. It is an addiction to food. I am not sure if its because of constantly being in "training mode" but my body has become accustomed to eating small amounts about every two hours. I have been doing that for like 8 years. I have never missed a meal pretty much in my life and if I have its because I am ill or taking in gu's instead of food during a long race. Anyways my colonoscopy was scheduled for today BUT it was scheduled at 2 PM!!! So that meant that I was supposed to be on fluids ALL DAY yesterday, drink the nasty stuff to "clean" myself out, and then wake up at 5am like I do every day and not eat or drink ANYTHING until my colonoscopy at 2pm.

I was good, at work I just pretended the chicken broth was food. I got home and had some Jello and ginger ale and lots of clear stuff. At about 330 I went crazy. I was dizzy, I was starving, I was in pain. I could not conceive how I would get through another 24 hours. So I called the Dr for like the 3rd time that day. I kept calling and asking different people if they were sure I could not eat food. I begged them to take me in the am. I told them how ridiculous I get when I don't eat and how my dog was already looking more and more like an in n out burger. Seriously I was like homer simpson stuck in a desert where everything was an oasis of food. It wasnt pretty. I even cried on the phone. She told me not to give up and she would send an urgent message around to see if they could find a time to do it for me in the am. Well they never called and so around 7 last night I snuck into the fridge and ate. It didn't even feel that great, but it felt better than being starving.

I got up and the Dr called saying they could see me tomorrow morning at 730 am. Now THAT is more like it. This just means that yet again today I am on a liquid diet and will begin my liquid concoction at 4. I will just have to suck it up and get through it. I was just going to wait til I got back to Boston but at least my stomach will be a little more used to having nothing but fluids in it. I will chaulk yesterday up as my dress rehearsal, a run through for the real thing. So tomorrow morning at this time I will be all through with the madness and will either have a diagnosis or more tests in my future. Either way its one step closer to not having UD every other day. Amen to that!

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