Friday, July 23, 2010


I survived last night. I was pretty much up all night running to the bathroom but was properly flushed out by the time I left for my appt. I was more worried about my leg. I had been having a weird sensation/pain in my left leg that has slowly been traveling from my calf and is now in my thigh. I decided that since I would be at the hospital I would just swing by and have them check it out and make sure it was nothing like a clot. For some reason I keep hearing clot stories and was freaking out a bit.

I got to the hospital and told them that after the colonoscopy I wanted to have my leg checked out which meant that I would need to be somewhat coherent. This led to me telling the Dr that I didn't want any of the sedative. This quickly changed once I got wheeled in because I was getting a little anxious. They promised me that they would give me a minimal dose and if i needed more they could do that. I have to say I really don't think you even need the sedative. The only painful thing is that they blow air up there so its like a really bad gas pain that comes on really quickly. Nothing too bad and it was quick. It was also good to be coherent cause I could watch the whole thing on the screen which is pretty cool. It looked clean but they did take some biopsies just in case.

After that I took my slightly drugged behind to the ER with Bri and they did a quick ultrasound. It was clear so I likely just did something to my leg. Thank the lord for that one cause I was pretty nervous for that. I will chaulk it up to the meds that after the ultrasound we just left. I came home and passed out and the ER was calling my phone looking for me. OOPS!!

So now I am trying to eat a little, I was warned not to do anything fatty. I don't think my colon has ever been so clean!

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