Saturday, March 28, 2009

your body is a wonderland

I am officially back on track with training. First off a fundraising update. I am the second highest fundraiser with $3883, (the first place man has raised about 16K and apparently get a bunch of corporate sponsors every year) which I am very excited about. So THANKS!!

So our training schedule is mapped out month by month. the 3rd week of every month is a "recovery week". This is supposed to give our bodies time to heal and what not. So far I have noticed no difference between these weeks and the others, they are all hard to me.

So here is a breakdown of training on our "recovery week":

Monday: ran 5.5 miles
Tuesday: spin class and then strength conditioning. Kicked my ass yet again. I did however start to notice more stamina and strength. There was a girl at class who was only there for the second time and she is a pretty good athlete. I noticed she had to slow down, or get back in her saddle a few times where I had the first few times myself. Now I am able to power through, so that is progress in the right direction. I still cannot seem to do a damn push up though and its really driving me nuts. I am hoping that by the end of all this training that I will be able to do one. For now I have to do it girlie style.

Wednesday: Swim 1.5 miles. We did a bunch of drills and my coach noticed that I am not fully extending the arm on the side that I don't breathe on. This would explain why I constantly bang into the pool lane dividers (I have tons of bruises to prove that) and why in open water I end up WAAAAAAAAAAAAY right. I will work on that this week.

Thursday: attempted to run in the canyons with the dog for 4 miles but she went on doggy strike, so we walked instead

Friday: should have been my "rest day" but since the dog sabotaged me I had to go out and do a 4 miler.

Saturday: Another gorgeous sunny day in San Diego. This ride was hillier than any I can recall. I am not sure if it was because my legs were tired from this week or what, but the way out was brutal. We did a there and back and it literally went through mountains (okay they might be hills, but in mass that would be mountains). There were a bunch of long climbs, but was even more alarming was that there were about 5 really fast and long downhills which can only mean one thing on an out and back. I hit my turn around point and short there after knew I had to tackle a hill that my coaches had already warned us about. I was going at a good speed when all of a sudden the hill hit me. I looked up and noticed everyone was walking up the hill. I thought "I got this" and just as soon as I thought that, I started to fall over. I was luckily able to clip out in time before falling. This hill was steep but I think I can make it. People kind of got in my way and once your flow is messed up on a climb like that you have to pray that you dont fall over. So anyhoo I walked up, which was not fun, and harder than biking it. I hope we go back out there soon so I can get up that hill without clipping out. To my defense I did not see anyone make it up it, but I heard some people did.

Now I sit here on the couch relaxing. Bri and I went to see the exhibit "body worlds" last night at the natural history museum which is right by our house. It was so amazing. If you get a chance to see this you must. ALthough after a bit you get a little queezy seeing all the dead bodies. If you happen to be a smoker, I would say it would be pretty darn hard to light up again after seeing what smoking actually does to your insides. It was alarming. I could not get over seeing all the nerves and parts of the body that I have studied about. They also had little 4 week old fetus' and it was amazing to see what kind of development that already occurs after just 4 weeks. When I saw the 22 week old, I thought "now that is how big they should be when they come out" . All mothers should definately see this. What was most disturbing about this was how many small kids were there. At one point I was checking out the male and female bladders which were obviously connected to their privates. And some jackass dad is saying to his 5 year old daughter "see honey that is what your urethra looks like, there it is." Now that might not be too bad, but next to that is a giant penis, a real dead penis. Good lord. So yes, I saw alot of penae last night. At one point I thought, wonder if these guys are hanging around looking at their bodies and high fiving eachother as the ladies say "wow get a load of this one!"

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